Romualdas Inčirauskas


This rider is standing and looking at the gate which used to lead to the manor estate.

But we cannot see it.

We cannot see the two branching roads beyond the gate either.

The rider is now standing Read more

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Vitalija Kurtinaitienė

Clockwork Memories

Two heads from one body connected with a tube and some obscure piece of mechanism. Just like inter-connected beer tanks at Gubernija brewery holding beverage of uniform taste being brewed from different ingredients.

And what kind of Read more

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Živilė Žvėrūna


A human body is an intersection of diseases and celebrations, of love and death. The figure  of a Šiauliai resident created by Živilė Žvėrūna is a map with designations of the odysseys of the epidemics and plagues that Read more

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Simona Bagdonaitė Gubinienė

Cosmic Games

Cosmic games are eternal. Our masks are temporary. Sometimes we act like clowns and sometimes like professionals; some people always treat us like children, and to some we will always remain losers.

This manor estate was once Read more

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Irena and Vilius Šliuželis


Each work of art is a key to another realm. Sometimes it is also a key to history.  There are many keys to the past all around us. The Zubov Palace, the Zubov Park and the Chestnut Walkway.

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Gintautas Lukošaitis

The Crown of the Virus

Artists are sensitive people. They sense what is happening deep inside the Earth. They know what is eternal and they know what things never cease to exist although they remain invisible. Deep down, we Read more

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Voldemaras Barakauskas

Homo Ludens. Man, the Player.

The glass bead game in the pedagogical province. In reality, however, there were five pedagogical institutions around Šiauliai funded by the Zubov family so perhaps it was not that much of a province after Read more

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Reda and Arūnas Uogintas

Princess Turandot. The 90th Anniversary of Šiauliai National Drama Theatre

We uncover secret inclusions and there we find our masks that we left frozen in the wax of time. Everything continues to live on in the wax of time Read more

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Edita Sūdžiūtė

The Secrets Lurking in the Silence of the Stone

This stone was spat out from the depths of the Earth. Where, in flaming chaos, the dragon of sickness and fear is raging. This stone was discovered by Edita Sudžiūtė. Read more

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