Gintautas Lukošaitis

The Crown of the Virus

Artists are sensitive people. They sense what is happening deep inside the Earth. They know what is eternal and they know what things never cease to exist although they remain invisible. Deep down, we can find something more than just plain magma, lava and red rocks spat out from depths of the Earth. Artists provide us with a constant reminder that there is a different world out there.

We have somewhat forgotten about Rahab. It is a mythical monster, a dragon of chaos which was put into order at the beginning of creation, as biblical commentators claim. It was put into order but not obliterated altogether. God simply subjected it under His feet. And we continue fighting diseases and viruses.

The gallery you have now approached has long been home to a vibrant artistic scene. One of the forms it manifests is the Virus Festival focused on attempts to find keys to different dimensions of reality. Artists are trying to point out evil and defeat it or at least warn about it, however chaotic and crazy, meaningless and useless their works and campaigns may seem. But one day, the actual COVID-19 transported us to a bizarre reality, one we have probably only seen in artwork, yet did not take it seriously. Never underestimate tales and art. And never forget that deep down, something is still lurking, waiting for the right moment.

Among other ominous findings uncovered from the Zubov family’s property were five coins – John II Casimir schillings dating back to 1666. That which is symbolised by the number 666 is never buried for eternity.

The sun is also a great defence against many diseases, yet even in the City of the Sun, its rays fail to reach that which is hidden beneath. Where there is sun, there are shadows. We succumb to an illness if our hearts are closed and locked, if we do not get our kites up in the sky like children or like artists do.

Gintautas Lukošaitis opened up a place in the Earth revealing the pulsating crown of this virus. Never underestimate symbolic gestures, ceremonies or rituals; step on this glass and trample on this virus. Let’s defeat diseases and misery.

Coordinates: 55.9350851, 23.3086921